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Thank you for visiting my blog.  My name is Peter, I am a technology enthusiast and software engineer who is seeking a career change to the legal profession.  My education background is in electrical engineering and computer science with special interests in networks and embedded sensors.  I found my undergraduate education at UCLA highly beneficial and intellectually stimulating.  Despite it being a big school, I was able to forge close and lasting relationships with some peers and professors.

I didn’t write programs all that much in school; it was more of a hobby that I have acquired over the years since my first computer class in BASIC back in 1989.  UCLA didn’t teach me how to write programs, I think it taught me how to conduct studies and researches and look for answers to engineering problems.

After having worked a few years in software development and systems administration, I have realized that while I love to work with the technical aspects of computers, I also have a strong interest in seeing the formulation of ideas in tech and the “soft” interactions tech have with societies.  So, here I am, about to start my JD program in Fall ’09 at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law studying intellectual property law. There’s a sense of rebirth but also apprehension.

All the header pictures are taken by me; some in Taiwan, others in Colorado.

I can be reached on my Google Voice number now!  Please use the following widget and enter the phone number where you would like Google Voice to call you back at when connecting to me.

Peter, August 2009.

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