Where Am I

Where Am I

GPSed (gpsed.com) is a quite an interesting gps service.   It currently has native clients on the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS’s, as well as a J2ME version that should run in a much larger number of mobile devices. It also integrates nicely with other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, to name a few. I find its most interesting and promising feature to be the ability to record routes and upload for archiving and/or sharing, AND attach pictures to the route to mark your dog’s droppings on the sidewalk (or maybe you can think of other pictures to take). Although the concept is nothing new, bringing all these features together in a multi-platform environment is still wicked cool.

Ipoki is a Spanish startup that offers some exciting location-sensitive services for free (for now). The embedded map below shows my last location. To see a larger map with more features, please go to http://www.ipoki.com/pcmac.

Trackr (trackr.eu) is another service that does more or less the same thing as Ipoki.  Here’s my last location on trackr.

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