Tether Sprint Mogul with Windows 7

Tether Sprint Mogul with Windows 7

*Updated Nov 4, 2009
Forgot to mention that you may need change your Mogul’s registry setting in order for tethering to be allowed by WinMo 6.1.  Please see my earlier post on that.

Yeah, it was only a matter of time before I tried to tether my slightly beat-up Mogul with recently-upgraded Windows 7.

Since I am an 1L these days with much diminished leisure time tinkering around with pet projects, I’ll have to make this post very brief, at least before I find more time to revisit.

So, like many others out there, I had trouble tethering my Toshiba NB-205-312BL after upgrading it to Windows 7 (Windows 7 Ultimate to be exact).  To make the story short.  Win7 didn’t recognize my Mogul, and wouldn’t install RNDIS needed for the network layer.  Windows Mobility Center which came with Win7 was no help, but Windows Mobile Device Center(WMDC) 6.1, which is an additional download, solves the problem.  WMDC’s site even says that it’s compatible with Windows 7.  My question is, why didn’t MS just put WMDC in Win7 to begin with?

Anyway, despite the additional foot work, I’m pretty impressed with Windows 7 so far, even before the first Service Pack comes out.

Now back to reading criminal law….

2 thoughts on “Tether Sprint Mogul with Windows 7

  1. Hi Peter, I read your article on tethering Windows 7 with HTC Mogul and was wondering if you could provide detail step by steps on how you did it? I just bought a new ASUS laptop which has Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and tried to tether my HTC Sprint Mogul phone (which I had no problem doing on my Win XP desktop machines) but still have no success. Looking forward to hearing from you, cheers.

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