Judges Don’t Always Serve Justice

Judges Don’t Always Serve Justice

Hardly a surprise, you say?

A New York Times’ story I read today reminded me of Professor Russel O’Neal’s Ethics In Engineering class as an undergraduate student at UCLA.  Although that class was dreaded most by many of us engineering students for having too much reading and writing, topics touched throughout the quarter made it one of my favorite classes at UCLA, and probably THE one that has made the most impression on me.  In professor O’Neal’s classes, we learned about engineering practices that could have serious consequences on the society, and how the lack or oversight on ethics did lead to engineering disasters.

Other bits of news, stories, and anecdotes about questionable medical practices and unethical doctors performing unecessary medical procedures had me wondering if med students take their social responsibilities seriously.

As I am about to start law school in the fall (barring major surprises in admission), I hope the legal education I am about to receive will at least provide us with some exposure to questions  about ethics like in professor O’Neal’s class.  Like Google’s supposed mantra, I wish to do no evil.  I hope not a paycheck in the world would make me change that.

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