Customize Bootup Screen on Sprint Mogul (HTC PPC-6800)

Customize Bootup Screen on Sprint Mogul (HTC PPC-6800)

On my Sprint Mogul (aka HTC PPC-6800), my bootup screen looked like this:

Sprint Mogul's Starup Screen

I like to tinker with stuff, so I thought maybe I could change this.  A few quick searches on the web confirmed my suspicion.  It turns out that the boot-up screen, or image, is just an animated GIF that is stored in the device’s \Windows folder.  This is the device‘s boot-up image, another boot-up image is the OS’s boot-up image.

The default boot-up image for WIndows Mobile 6.1 looks like this:

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional bootup screen

Both of these can be changed with simple changes to the device’s registry.  A handy freeware, Advanced Configuration Tools that allows you to make a plethora of registry tweaks.  Go download and install it on your device.

Once Advanced Configuration Tools is installed, fire it up and look for “HTC Animation->GIF file:”.  This is just a change to the registry setting on the device, and Advanced Configuration Tools makes it very easy.  Depending on the screen resolution of your device, the dimension of the animated GIF file may need to be changed.  My Sprint Mogul (HTC PPC-6800) has a 240×320 screen (aka QVGA).  I found the following Windows Mobile 6.1 inspired image:

You can find it and a number of others at

I made the following from a MPEG movie file.

Just copy your desired animated GIF to a location on your device (I saved it to “\My Documents\ad2.gif”).

Hope you find this helpful.  I’ll come back and update this post on how to change the OS’s bootup screen (the green Windows Mobile 6.1 image earlier in this post).

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  1. That’s a really cool boot/splash screen…would you be able to send me a step by step on how to change boot/splash screens on my flashed mogul…if you have the time please and thank you Z

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